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For companies of any size, Acquisitions and Disposals are complex processes.  They are high-pressure environments that require multi-faceted  thinking, are fraught with risk and can be costly exercises, particularly if they fail before completion.  If you’re the acquirer, its only after Completion that the journey to Return on Investment really begins, which is when you and your team find out if all the hard work, negotiations, late nights and tight deadlines were all worth it.

The strategic decision to either acquire or dispose of a business is not one that any company should, or is likely, to take lightly; the sheer amount of senior management time taken up in this process is immense and its easy to take your eye off the ball operationally during this time.  If your not lucky enough to be able to afford your own internal M&A team then it nearly always falls to the existing board members/founding directors to make a deal of this nature happen.  Easy to say but not so easy to do!

For some reason there is a perception that because your either own or are a director in an existing business that you automatically know and understand everything involved with either buying or selling a business.  This is ludicrous.  As complex financial transactions go, it may be a logical process, but it couldn’t really be any further in form and structure from the ordinary course of daily operations.

Owners, entrepreneurs, visionaries call them what you like, but if you run and own a business the likelihood is that some day you will look to move on to different challenges and cash-in on the wealth that you have created thus far.  Without the experience or understanding of what’s involved it is extremely difficult to manage the expectations of both yourself and others.  Similarly , if, as part of that long term plan, it has occurred to you that perhaps one of the ways to increase the value of your business in the short term is by acquiring another, where do you start?

Red Crocodile is a process advisory service with one thing in mind; giving you a clear structure and process to follow in order to understand exactly what’s involved when it comes to buying or selling a business.  There are over thirty steps in even the most straightforward transactions with many critical decision points along the way.  Our detailed breakdown and description of the process looks at the transaction from both the Buyer and the Seller’s perspective, mentors you on the common mistakes and errors made, and gives strong guidelines on timescales, fees and valuation expectations.

Before you embark on the fascinating journey that is M&A you should be completely aware of what to expect and how to deal with it.  With this awareness you can be more in control, proceed with confidence, reduce transaction timescales and keep fees to a minimum.  Above all you will know how to handle issues as they arise, mitigate risk, provide a clear platform for integration (as a seller or a buyer) and have a better possibility of completing every deal you do, or at least be in a position to walk away at the earliest possible opportunity if it doesn’t work out.

Don’t leave what could be the most important deal of your business career to chance; before you start take advantage of the experience of others in order to make an informed choice.  Please review our Services to see what approach suits you best or check out our Live Events at a location near you.

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